ID Tracker III - Version History
Current Version: 1.20.7

Installation Notes       Known Issues

  • Fixed context menu display issues that occurred in some cases.
  • All changes this release apply to BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanners.
  • Removed naming restrictions for Favorites and Departments.
  • Updated naming restrictions for Systems and Sites.  Please see the help file notes.
  • System Control window is no longer limited to 20 Favorites, Systems and Departments.
  • Improved BCD436HP and BCD536HP support.
  • Added BCD436HP/BCD536HP notes to help file.  Please see the help file notes when using BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanners.
  • Fixes to BCD436HP and BCD536HP system handling.
  • Attempt to fix "Index was out of range" error in AssignSwitch function.
  • BCD436HP and BCD536HP system control now displays names of selected Favorite and System.
  • Correct caption in settings for Log Path.
  • Minor correction to start up sequence.
  • Added support for the BCD996P2, BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanners.  NOTE: ID Tracker III may not work correctly on HP scanners which are using the built in database.
  • Added option to set inactive entry titlebar text from the default (frequency) when the titlebar style is set to "User Format".
  • Added the capability to resize the audio segments grid.
  • Increased grid performance.
  • Double-click on system tray icon to minimize or restore ID Tracker.
  • Improved fast forward and next segment functions in Audio Player.
  • IDs/Frequencies are now sortable by Identified and Priority in the System Settings form.
  • Corrected issue with tracking systems with undocumented system type.
  • DCS/PL and average signal strength are now included in audio comments.
  • Minor changes to Audio Player.
  • Corrected issue where EDACS I-Call audio files would cause the audio player to hang.
  • Minor change to printable report code.
  • Corrected issue that would not allow the Contact column in the ID List to be closed.
  • Corrected issue that caused the system status indicators to not display correctly for BCT15/BCT15X scanners.
  • Add "First Contact" timestamp.
  • Made system edit find text persistent.
  • Modified code to improve the reliability of tracking GRE scanners.
  • Added check for duplicates in GRE scanners.  Duplicates will display the following message: "Duplicate Talkgroup IDs within a single system are defined in the scanner image. This may prevent IDs from being tracked. Please remove duplicate IDs from scanner and reload the image."
  • GRE test release.
  • Corrected problem introduced in 1.18.1 that caused slow scanner control response.
  • Minor cosmetic changes to scanner control windows.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing the Minimum Log Time from being set to zero (0) in order to disable the function.
  • Added "Show In System Tray" setting.
  • Added Balloon Tips for system tray icon.  See help file for more information.
  • Updated code to display the receive mode on the main window.  If P25 mode is detected then the error rate is also displayed if supported by scanner.
  • Made changes to allow conventional frequencies to be tracked when in "BearTracker" mode with BCT15/BCT15X scanners.
  • Corrected issue where the scanner control window state was not properly saved if ID Tracker was forced to shutdown due to Windows shutdown or restart.
  • Miscellaneous code optimizations.
  • Added the option to enable/disable the automatic display of the debug window.
  • Minor fix to delete key function.
  • Delete key can be used to delete content in various grids and lists.
  • Added 12 hour time formats (AM/PM).  Changing the time format requires ID Tracker to be restarted.
  • Corrected issue with the handling of audio files when the "Single Audio File" option was set.
  • Added the capability to play selected files in the Audio Player.
  • Corrected issue introduced in version 1.12.0 that would cause an error when attempting to sort the ID list by hit counts.
  • Added daily log function.
  • Added report function to Log Viewer.
  • Added column to ID list to indicate whether the hit was recorded.
  • Added option to disable keyboard control of scanner functions.
  • Misc. improvements to debug form.
  • Made changes so the ID list would sort correctly by date regardless of date format used.
NOTICE: When updating from previous versions, the dates in the ID list may become corrupted.  You may need to clear the existing list.
  • Made changes to prevent tab characters in text entries from causing misalignment in grid displays.
  • Added "Hold Shift" to delete file and cut segments without a confirmation prompt in Audio Player.
  • Addressed possible issues with LTR tracking on TrunkTracker IV scanners.
  • Added code to help prevent possible application error after a scanner command timeout.
  • Corrected issue with I-Call tracking on some scanner models.
  • Corrected issue with column alignment settings not being saving.
  • Corrected potential overflow error.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Updated help file.
  • Separated Audio Player and Audio Search into two separate windows.
  • Audio Player can now be resized vertically.
  • Improved file list updating after using the Identify function in Audio Player.
  • Corrected issues with TrunkTracker III support created in V1.10.1.
  • Other minor fixes/changes.
  • Fixed several issues with TrunkTracker III support.
  • Fixed various display issues.
  • Added audio spectrum analyzer to peak meter.  Right-click on peak meter window for options.
  • Corrected issue in Audio Player where first audio segment was not being marked as played.
  • Added continuous play mode to the Audio Player.
  • Added code to attempt to save data in the event that Windows shuts down while ID Tracker is still running.
  • Corrected "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error that occurred with GRE scanners when attempting to identify a talkgroup (F3).
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Corrected "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error when scanning conventional frequencies.
  • Added printable reports.
  • Added site hit count for individual IDs.
  • Added Site column to ID List.  Note: The ID List will be cleared when upgrading from previous versions.
  • Made audio peak meter resizable.
  • Added audio level detection indicator to peak meter.
  • Corrected issues with tracking squelch codes on GRE scanners.
  • Improved audio level detection.
  • Added audio detection option to debug form.
  • Added calendar to date field for audio search.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements to Audio Player.
  • Added audio peak meter for recording.
  • Added audio level detection for recording.
  • Added Priority Hold feature.
  • Added additional sorting options to context menu for the Audio Player file list .
  • Added capability to cancel search in Audio Player.
  • Added "Clear Search" to Audio Player.
  • Added search function to System Edit dialog.
  • Corrected "0" key for GRE scanner control.
  • Corrected "exception error" that occurred when opening a system with no ID Limits.
  • Corrected name handling issue with ID Limits.
  • ID Limits are now sorted.
  • Added "Select All" button to ID Limits.
  • Added "Copy List" function to most lists/grids.  Can be accessed using right-click.
  • Segments in Audio Search are now highlighted when they have been played.
  • Search results are now refreshed when audio file list is updated.
  • Corrected several issues in Audio Player created by changes in V1.7.1.
  • Corrected issue with rounding of conventional frequencies in the Audio Player.
  • Added check in attempt to resolve a random application crash reported by a single user.
  • Added new main menu items to provide quicker access to system information when not tracking.
  • Added the capability to name ID Limit ranges in the system settings.
  • Added the capability to enable/disable individual ID Limit ranges.
  • Floating the cursor over audio comments displays UIDs and their logged talkgroups.
  • Additional changes to audio search function.
  • Improved form scaling.
  • Corrected issue with site frequencies not always being completely sorted.
  • Miscellaneous code improvements.
  • Additional change to address USB COM port issues.
  • Corrected issue with scanner control display highlighting for TrunkTracker IV scanners.
  • Made change to try to address issues with finding COM ports on some systems.
  • Added capability to copy audio segment comments.
  • Added capability to search multiple UIDs in Audio Player.
  • Improved audio comment / UID dialog.
  • Added Scanner Map to main pull down menu. This feature currently works with TrunkTracker IV scanners only.
  • Corrected issue that prevented "docked" forms from moving with main form.
  • Added UID search in Audio Player.
  • Tweaked grid sorting in Audio Player.
  • Talkgroups associated with UIDs are now sorted.
  • Miscellaneous code improvements.
  • Created a "real" installation kit.
  • Made changes to file and folder management to better comply with newer operating systems (Vista, Windows 7).   On Vista and Windows 7 systems, application data files are now stored in "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\IDTrackerIII" in instead of "C:\Program Files\ID Tracker  III".
  • Corrected issues with resizing scanner control form.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks.
  • Added "Search From Here" context menu item to audio segment index.
  • Corrected multiple issues with the audio search functions.
  • Reworked Radio Reference import to better comply with SOAP standards.
  • Changed the title bar display settings to allow the user to define the fields and their order.
  • Corrected an issue that occurred when a scanner label contained a frequency.
  • Minor tweaks to Audio Player index colors.
  • The main and scanner control dialogs can now be minimized and maximized separately.  See the help file on the display setting "Minimize Controls".
  • Added "Loop" function to Audio Player.
  • Added "Single Segment" option in Audio Player.
  • Minor fixes to Audio Player.
  • Updated the help file.
  • Changed Audio Player to use colors to mark played segments and current segment playing.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks.
  • Restored GRE "UID" functionality lost in V1.4.1.
  • Changed "Radio IDs" to "UIDs" for brevity.
  • Added "Translate Unit IDs" setting.
  • Added capability to track multiple UIDs per transmission.
  • Enhanced Audio Player handling of UIDs.
  • Updated help.
  • Added capability to choose columns in ID List.  Right-click on column header.
  • Added capability to choose columns in Audio Player file list.  Right-click on column header.
  • Added Date/Time column to Audio Files list in Audio Player.
  • Added column headers to Audio Segments list in Audio Player
  • Changed code to ignore timeout settings if scanner is manually placed in Hold or Paused mode.
  • Added capability to override System Control Labels.
  • Updated handling of ID List. ID List will now populate on application startup.
  • System Indicator Rows are now fixed instead of a maximum setting.
  • System Control Rows are now fixed instead of a maximum setting.
  • Moved Bank Mapping for TrunkTracker III scanners from a separate form to a tab on the Global Settings form.
  • Corrected "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error when using the "Set Record Level" option for TrunkTracker IV scanners.
  • Corrected issue that prevented the first system loaded from being edited during tracking on Uniden scanners.
  • Corrected issue that prevented ID List from being reloaded on startup for Uniden scanners.

Note: The System Indicator and System Control settings may need to be reset after updating to this version.

  • Corrected issue that caused the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when tracking conventional frequencies on TrunkTracker IV scanners.
  • Corrected issues with reading squelch codes from scanner image on GRE scanners.
  • Address issues with handling of squelch codes for GRE scanners.
  • Added Log Viewer.
  • Update help file.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks.
  • Added squelch code (CTCSS, DSC, and NAC) to log file.
  • Improved file list update after deleting files in Audio Player.
  • Corrected issues with GRE System Control form.
  • Made changes to handle frequencies above 2.147 GHz.  New limit is 4.294 GHz.
  • Improvements / fixes to Radio Reference import.
  • Added user definable line width in Spectrum View.
  • Corrected issue where audio alerts could cause the program to hang.
  • Improved audio handling.
  • Added BCT15X support.
  • Corrected issue with identifying Type II and P25 IDs greater than 32767 from ID list.
  • Help file updates.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks.
  • Improvements / fixes to Radio Reference import.
  • Enhanced error reporting.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks.
  • Changed method of saving radio type.  Radio type must be reset when upgrading to this version.
  • Fixed "Delete Entry" function in the ID List context menu.
  • Corrected detection of the non-US version of the BCD996XT.
  • Updated code to keep the control display functioning when "Nothing to Scan" occurs on the TrunkTracker IV scanners.
  • Addressed issue of where certain objects were not tracked after editing a system for GRE scanners.  A restart or image reload was required to restore scanning.
  • Addressed issues with system indicator context menus for GRE scanners.
  • Addressed issue that could cause the default audio path to be reset.
  • First public (non-beta) release.
  • Corrected issue that caused hit counts to be reset after editing a system.
  • Corrected issue where IDs were not logged if timeout limit was reached.
  • Added File Import in System Settings form.
  • Updated help file.
  • Added System Control dialog (see File menu on main form).
  • Resolved issue that prevented the TrunkTracker III scanner control from resizing.
  • Resolved issue with displaying the correct number of indicator rows for TrunkTracker IV scanners.
  • Added Radio Reference Import support.
  • Added new List Time Format to ensure proper sorting by date/time in ID List. (yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss)
  • Corrected issue with system selection when not all systems are displayed in the Settings form.
  • Corrected error that occurred when no COM ports were installed on the system.
  • Redesigned Global Settings form.
  • Added option to select systems displayed in system list.
  • Corrected issue with TrunkTracker IV scanners not displaying system indicators properly.
  • Restored Tool Tip labels to system indicators for GRE scanners.
  • First Beta Release
  • Expanded hit count to display 5 digits on main display.
  • Set default for Data Save Interval¯ to 30 minutes.
  • Added form docking. This allows the control and spectrum forms to be docked to the main form and will move with the main form.
  • Increased font size in ID List.
  • Corrected possible "index out of bounds" error when loading the ID list.
  • Some updates to help file.
  • Updated code to indicate when waiting on active ID before entering System Edit form.
  • Spectrum View is mostly functional. It may need further refinement.
  • Changed Reset Colors function on System Edit form.
  • Reworked code for improved display on TrunkTracker IV Scanner Control form.
  • Added transmission duration to main display.
  • Added transmission duration to log file.
  • Updated code to correctly convert colors from ID Tracker II format system files.
  • Miscellaneous fixes to TrunkTracker III support.
  • Cleaned up code for right-clicking on ID list. Only current ID is selected.
  • Identify form replaced with System Edit form. If identifying an ID, the ID is highlighted in the list.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes/changes.
  • Added support for Uniden TrunkTracker III scanners.
  • Addressed color issues when adding new IDs/Frequencies in System Edit.
  • Changed Motorola Type II Status Bit function to be more in line with scanner settings. See help file.
  • Corrected issue with editing non-consecutively selected IDs/Frequencies in System Edit.
  • Updated code to display only available COM ports in settings.
  • Added user defined form colors.
  • Added option to control whether the control display is minimized with the main window.
  • Addressed issues with deleting audio segments in Audio Player.
  • Corrected exception error when adding new ID/Frequencies in the System Edit form.
  • Corrected exception error when adding new ID Limits in the System Edit form.
  • Corrected issue that caused new ID colors to be set where they were not visible.
  • Added code to bring the main window, ID list window and scanner control displays to top if any of the displays are activated.
  • Modified code to get Uniden Radio IDs (UIDs) from display line 2 or 3 depending on display mode.
  • Added record enabled indicators to system indicators.
  • Add level indicators above TrunkTracker IV volume and squelch controls.
  • Modified code to only set the level for volume and squelch controls when scanning starts. This is to prevent unwanted side effects. Adjusting the levels on the scanner will not update the ID Tracker controls.
  • Corrected issue with system indicators not displaying properly for GRE scanners.
  • Corrected issues with deleting Radio IDs (UID).
  • Resolved issue with saving main form position when using File¯ and then Exit¯.
  • Corrected issue with Type I IDs where the first number was over 2048.
  • Enabled System Edit¯ function in ID List context menu.
  • Corrected issue where clicking on the system name in the main menu area did not open the System Edit window if the site name was displayed.
  • Added setup script.
  • Corrected error that occurred when attempting to set the log file name for a system.
  • Corrected Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow error occurring with Motorola Type I systems.
  • Corrected issue where ID color settings were not always saved.
  • Miscellaneous minor changes/fixes.
  • Removed Alternate Colors option.
  • Addressed issues with TrunkTracker III NAC codes and conventional systems.
  • Added selectable date/time format in ID List in System Settings.
  • Moved Audio Player and Scanner Control from right-click menu to main pull down menu.
  • Addressed form sizing issue when minimizing and restoring main form.
  • Addressed scanner control issues with BCD996XT scanners. This may not have addressed all issues.
  • Added additional information in error messages for troubleshooting.
  • Fixed system indicators for Uniden scanners.
  • Fixed issue with Right-Click menu not indicating Logging enabled.
  • Fixed out of range error when attempting to get the current scanner volume in settings.
  • And the most important change, added tower image to About dialog.
  • Addressed BCD996XT support.
  • Addressed BCT15 support.
  • Corrected resizing of volume and squelch control on Uniden IV scanners.
  • Added Uniden Radio ID (UID) support. Untested
  • Miscellaneous other fixes.
  • Addressed BCD996XT support.
  • Alpha Release

Installation Notes

Known Issues
The following are known and / or unresolved issues.

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